Harga Aircond

Harga Aircond yang ditawarkan termasuk upah standard pemasangan iaitu:-

1) Copper pipe tak lebih dari 10 kaki panjang 2) Drain Pipe tak lebih dari 15 kaki panjang 3) Basic Wiring-Plugin pada soket terdekat
Harga Aircond Daikin-Aircond Installation

Aircond 1Hp Jenama Daikin Non Inverter

RM 1150.00 siap standard pemasangan


High Efficiency Hydrophilic Fin It encourages condensation of water. The condensated water moves easily to the drain pan thus enhancing the cleanliness and lifespan of the cooling coil.
New Lambda Heat Exchager The new Lambda (λ) structure with a large surface area makes way for higher heat exchange efficiency.
Outlook Design FTN-P Series : The beautiful and clean design brings out a feeling of elegance and simplicity in your interior decoration.
Built-In Starter Protect air conditioner from overcurrent condition. This will prolong the unit’s lifespan as the unit will be protected.
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Harga Aircond Panasonic-Aircond Installation

Aircond 1Hp Jenama Panasonic Non Inverter

RM 1185.00 siap standard pemasangan


3 Star Energy Rating i Auto (Intelligent Auto Mode)
Wide And Long Air Flow Vane Airflow Direction Control - Up And Down
24Hr On/Off Real Setting Timer Blue Fin Condenser
with wireless remote control 5 year warranty on compressor
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Harga Aircond Acson-Aircond Installation

Aircond 1Hp Jenama Acson Non Inverter

RM 1195.00 siap standard pemasangan


6M Long & Wide Air-flow Silent Mode 25dBA
9,500 BTU/h Fast Cooling Turbo Mode
Self Diagnosis System Automatic Restart
1 Year General Warranty 5 Years Compresor Warranty
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Harga Aircond York-Aircond Installation

Aircond 1 Hp Jenama York Non Inverter

RM 1100.00 siap standard pemasangan


Energy Saving Save more with the advance compressor and coil technology Rapid Cooling Achieve faster cooling with our true 5-speed fan design
Healthy Ionizer Breathe fresher and healthier air for your family with the ion purifier. Quiet Mode Experience peace and comfort at home with the use of the quiet mode.
Air Surround Feel the breeze with our 3D airflow technology that ensures even air circulation in your home. Elegent Design Aesthetically designed with hidden temperature display on a classy high gloss surface.
Warranty General 1 Year Compressor 5 Year
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Harga Aircond Haier-Aircond Installation

Aircond 1 Hp Jenama Haier Inverter

RM 1300.00 siap standard pemasangan


DC motor ensures more reliable operation with much higher energy saving and lower noise.
Just press the button “TURBO” on the remote controller, the air conditioner will work in turbo mode to get the fast cooling.
For healthy air circulation in the room. The impurities in air removed by bacteria filter. Completely filters harmful bacteria by cleaning the air of all unwanted impurities.
Haier unique Aqua generator can ionize water molecules into H+ and O2- as well as small cluster of water , which can keep your skin moist and have the effect of air purification.
The 3D airflow is able to deliver the airflow horizontally and vertically, so bring the feeling like nature wind.
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